Mission Statement

Illawarra Jazz Club Inc. is a social non-profit organisation and its main objectives are to:

  • Promote the performance and appreciation of all forms of jazz
  • Support local talent and in particular encourage young people to perform, listen to and develop an appreciation of jazz
  • Organise activities for the presentation and promotion of jazz
  • Organise activities for members and the general public to participate in the enjoyment of jazz
  • Liaise with other clubs that have similar aims and interests
  • Raise funds, acquire property and to do all things necessary and conducive to enable the club to carry out its objectives effectively


Sue Smeaton

Chris Blissenden

Doreen Lee

Kerrie Green-Davy

Delwyn Durston

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Richard Joliffe

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Emma Kelly

Committee 3

Jeff Smeaton

Committee 4

Jeff Smeaton

Newsroom Staff

Sue Smeaton
Newsroom Staff

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