Mission Statement

Illawarra Jazz Club Inc. is a social non-profit organisation and its main objectives are to:

  • Promote the performance and appreciation of all forms of jazz
  • Support local talent and in particular encourage young people to perform, listen to and develop an appreciation of jazz
  • Organise activities for the presentation and promotion of jazz
  • Organise activities for members and the general public to participate in the enjoyment of jazz
  • Liaise with other clubs that have similar aims and interests
  • Raise funds, acquire property and to do all things necessary and conducive to enable the club to carry out its objectives effectively


Sue Smeaton

Chris Blissenden

Doreen Lee

Kerrie Foster

Delwyn Durston

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Richard Jolliffe

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Robyn Spencer

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Jeff Smeaton

Committee 4

Jeff Smeaton

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Sue Smeaton
Newsroom Staff

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